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40 years since Radio Tees launched 24th June 1975 June 23, 2015

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radio tees

This is the station I joined as a Middlesbrough schoolboy- Radio Tees. I was sat at home listening to all of the first day, all 18 hours of it. My turn would come on the Sunday at 10 am.

This is the first ever show on Radio Tees, at 2 minutes to 6 on Tuesday 24th June 1975; the Breakfast Show with Les Ross. One of my favourite radio DJs. It was on 257 MW, that’s 1169 AM. Yep, before FM was popular.

Radio tees launch 5.58 am 24th June 1975

This was the test transmission played in the 2 weeks before launch from the MW transmitter site next to the Horse and Jockey roundabout in Stockton. it’s still there today. Voiced by mid morning presenter David Hoare.

Test transmissions

This was the opening and closing theme for Radio Tees. Played just before 6am and after midnight, or even 8 pm on Sundays. When I did the breakfast show I had a 5 am start and had to play it at the unearthly time of 2 minutes to 5. Many thought this music was recorded for Radio Tees, but it was the inspirational choice of Programme Controller Bob Hopton, my first boss. Eric Gale – Forecast.

Radio Tees opening theme

Here’s what the station looked like when it was launched in downtown Dovecot Street, Stockton-on-Tees. This footage is taken from a Tyne Tees TV report. BBC Look North wouldn’t feature the station- it was commercial/independent!

Radio Tees on the telly TTTV inc. raw footage

Here’s a random selection of other stuff. This one features Alistair Pirrie (The Big P on the Big T) and me, back in 1975. Alistair’s shows were some of the funniest and most outrageous radio shows I’ve heard, to this day.

Alistair P R E or Pirrie PM or The Big P on the Big T

A few slices of the Mark Page Breakfast Show on Radio Tees.

18th June 1980

Sat in a deckchair in Dovecot Street from 7 in the morning, because it was sunny.

Outside broadcast from outside the front door

My final breakfast show on Radio Tees in 1983. Next was Radio One.

Radio Tees Bye Bye Now after 8 years

Some early adverts for the Mark Page breakfast show. Alistair Pirrie is the Star Wars voice.

Breakfast show trailers

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